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 Basic Site Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Site Rules    Wed Dec 21, 2011 6:42 am

The Basic Rules

---> Please respect all other members of the site. This means no petty or nasty arguments, foul language, spam or anything else deemed unnecessary or rude. If you have a problem with another user or even one of our staff members, please PM an appropriate member of staff and they will deal with the issue as best they can. This means: No Flaming, No Insulting, No Arguing, or anything of the sort. If you have problems with another member, contact a mod or an Administrator and we will work something out. Keeping the peace is one of the top priorities of this site, so cooperation with each other is a must. So be sure to avoid problem-causing topics such as Politics. Sports is fine, but watch yourself. Failure to comply with this rule will result in warnings, followed by suspension and then a ban.

---> We ask you to please maintain a consistent high-standard of role-play on this site. Maintain the title.

---> Absolutely, positively, NO arguing with a staff member's decision; if you're a moderator, do not argue with an administrator - they have the right to make a decision unless it is just complete bullshit, then you may report them to the Head Admin and get them banned. That sound fun? ^.^ Basically, respect all staff members' decisions. If you don't agree with something a staff member has to say and it is something of great importance then PM someone who withholds a higher rank than them. Absolutely NO ARGUING WITH THEM. You'll be warned once for arguing, The second time you might get a warning and after that you won't like what will happen to you. You may, however, talk it out with a mod or an Admin if you disagree on something, but if they ask you to stop, stop.

Anything else that a Moderator would approve. Please, Don't do this. We pick staff members for a reason and if you weren't picked as one that means we either don't need you or we don't think that you're capable of doing a good job as a member of our staff. Either way, it isn't your place, and therefore don't do it. If you absolutely need to tell them what they've done wrong, PM them about it and it can be their choice whether or not they want to listen to you or wait for a Moderator or Admin to look it over. Disciplinary actions will vary depending on the seriousness of the infraction.

---> Please do not spam outside of the spam sub-forum. We will delete posts and issue warnings if you do not adhere to this rule. Spam gets annoying, no one likes it, and it makes the whole site look sloppy. If you do not know what spam is, it is basically a message that is not related to the topic, or is completely pointless and unnecessary. An example of this, would be if two people are fighting and out of nowhere, you post "(Bob is gonna win!)" If you do things like this, the post will be immediately deleted, and you will receive a warning, next time it's a temporary ban from the site. Another instance of spam is a constant posting of something. Basically, if you post "I like pie" ten times consecutively or close to so, it's spam, this will get you temporarily banned from the chatbox ON SIGHT. Spam out of the Spam Area will not be tolerated. We want this forum to be as clean and organized as humanly possible therefore we don't want ANYONE to spam. If you do spam outside of the Spam Area you will probably only get one warning and after that we will take action, We don't want to have to ban people, but trust me if we think you're going to downsize the forum we can and will IP ban you and you'll be gone for good. Just please keep this rule in mind before you make unnecessary posts.

---> Please refrain from double-posting. Once again: it makes the site look fairly sloppy, and no one wants to see your side-profile and signature all over again. Try to edit, but we know people make mistakes, so this rule will not be thoroughly enforced, but if there seems to be a pattern...you better bet you're getting in trouble.

---> This forum is rated NC 17. Adult content, foul language and anything else considered 'beyond' this age rating will be removed and can result in warnings, suspension or even an immediate ban. Take it elsewhere. This means that if you are someone who really likes to gore your topics up, then you have to either tone it down or just not join. This also means keep sex topics appropriate. Seriously. This is an RPG, not an adult chat room. Kissing, dates, hugs and all that other good stuff is allowed out in the open, but everything else needs either to be taken to the post that has rated R in the topic. Period. Something rated NC 17 rated would be kissing, cussing, minor detailed sex, and little bit beyond that.

---> Advertising your own site is permitted, but only in the chat box and in your signature. Read the rules in that section to find out more. Also, we will absolutely NOT permit advertising outside the said section. It drags away members and is very bad for publicity. We want this site to flourish with members, not everyone running off to join the "newest funky Naruto RPG" you heard about in a PM from some guy with 0 posts and 40 PMs.

---> Please do NOT bug staff about checking your application and or spells. We do have lives and we know when things are needed to be done, so please don't bother us. I know personally that I hate to come on and see around 20 PMs asking me to check things. It's just completely annoying, because people should have a lot more patience than that. You may ask a single person once at a time, but after that you will get in trouble if you consecutively ask, after being warned. If your stuff hasn't been checked within 48 hours you may PM 1 Moderator. Please do not PM more than one. If that Moderator hasn't replied back to you or checked it within 24 hours please PM an Administrator and one of us will do it. In the message please state which Moderator you first PM'd. That way we can check your stuff and we can check to see if the moderators are actively working to approve new applications.

---> Keep cursing to a minimum, please when talking to little kids. We understand that most of us are big kids now, but that doesn't mean you have to go around saying the "F" word every other sentence to a child.

---> Please follow the 150 word post minimum, We do not want to see hundreds of idiots running around with one liners thinking there gods gift

---> Death matches can be done at all times, so you can die in any topic unless you have formed an agreement with the other person that the topic would be "no killing", in which case, must be stated in the topic for official confirmation.
-Ex. A Day of Fun -[Sean Only]-
Even if you don't care who joins, but you still don't want fighting, you can put that in the title as well and that will work.
-Ex. A Day of Fun -[Open, No Killing]-
If stuff like this isn't added to the title, it's an open ball game. The staff won't listen to your whining, so you should probably take this seriously.

---> Please don't get too full of yourself here. Nobody likes a egotistical boasters or a show offs, so please don't let things start to go to your head. If you are constantly boasting, bragging, and just getting annoying without even being able to back it up: you will be punished.

---> Until informed otherwise, you may have only two character on separate accounts. And unless give permission by Admins only one of those characters may start higher then the rank of a C rank mage. This is to give other people a chance of getting high rank characters. Also only one of your characters can be a Dragon slayer. This is so that other people also get a chance to be a Dragon slayer.  

---> No Metagaming/Powerplaying/Godmodding! We all know what these are. If you have questions, ask an administrator or moderator.
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Basic Site Rules
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