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 The Guide to Re-Equip

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PostSubject: The Guide to Re-Equip   Thu Dec 22, 2011 6:35 am

Re-Equip Magic
This Holder Magic allows users to store items in pocket dimensions. Mages who
use this type of Magic can change equipment (weapons, armour, clothes, etc.)
during battle, which gives them a high level of flexibility in combat.

Each player can only start out with a set amount of armours and weapons. Below, you can find the amount for each rank. Remember that each set of armour can only have one weapon.

C-Rank Mage-1 set of C-Rank Armour.
B-Rank Mage-1 set of C-Rank Armour and 1 set of B-Rank Armour.
A-Rank Mage-2 sets of B-Rank Armour and 1 set of A-Rank Amour.
S-Rank Mage-2 sets of B-Rank Armour, 2 sets of A-Rank Armour and 1 set of S-Rank Armour.As with spells, the various types of armour are ranked C to S, and each has a set amount of spells (the spells still follow the same rules as normal ones), and have a limit to how much power they can hold.

C-Rank Armour
C-Ranked Armour is the most basic and simple type of armour. The weapons don't do much damage, and the armour is quite weak. It takes 5MP to Re-Equip into a C-Rank Armour.

B-Rank Armour
This rank of armour is stronger than a C-Ranked armour, and decently powerful. The weapons can now do some real damage, along with much more variety in magical properties. To Re-Equip into this rank of armour, it requires 10MP from your mana pool.

A-Rank Armour
A-Ranked Armour has very high quality, and has a very high level of power, and able to achieve greater magical ability. To Re-Equip into this armour, it costs 15MP.
S-Rank Armour
S-Ranked Armour is the most powerful type of armour there is. This type of armour possesses a lot of magical power, and can only be wielded by the most powerful of mages. To Re-Equip into this type of armour, it costs 25MP.

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The Guide to Re-Equip
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