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 Additional Magic

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PostSubject: Additional Magic   Fri Dec 23, 2011 7:48 am

The Guide to Additional Magic

When you create a Mage, you start off with one type of magic (ex: Re-Equip, Ice-Make, etc.), unless S rank. Once you get your magic and spells approved and so and so, and if you are a A-Rank or S-Rank, you may try to apply for a secondary magic. You must role-play how you master the magic in a topic/thread. You can post it anywhere in the RP boards (however, you still have to travel if it's gonna be in another town). Now, S-Ranked mages can apply for a Third Magic in the same way if they have already acquired a secondary magic. To master a Secondary Magic, the amount of words in the thread must be at least 1200 words, while for a Third Magic, you will be required to type at least 2000 words.

Now, we give you the great luxury of creating your own type of Additional Magic. However, their are limits on what exactly you can have. First off, it certainly CANNOT be a Lost Magic. Also, you can only use A-Rank spells with your additional magic. Also, keep in mind that when creating an Additional Magic, it must be the same type of magic as your main magic. For instance, if someone has a Holder Magic, then their Secondary/Third Magic must be a Holder Magic. This is so that everything can be kept balanced out and fair. You may not have magic listed on the limited list as an additional magic IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A LIMITED MAGIC.


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Additional Magic
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