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 Zandu Rank Guide

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PostSubject: Zandu Rank Guide    Thu Sep 28, 2017 12:01 pm

In the world of Zandu everyone has a rank, now while some may aquire more then one rank depending on nobility and other things, every character has a Mage rank, This rank has nothing to do with politics, nobility or anything of that sort. As this rank refers to the level of ones magic power, and is symbolized by a letter

D Rank Mages – Upon birth anyone one in the lands of Zandu is considered a D rank mage, this is a level that one has vary little knowledge and control over their magic. Mages of this Rank are only capable of Casting D Rank Spells.
[Starts 5 D rank Spells]

C-Rank Mages - in the world of Zandu are beginners, they’re just starting out with the magic they're naturally in tune with. Learning the basics of it, Even though, they are a low rank they show much initiative and promise. Mages of this level are capable of casting D and C rank Spells. As well as being capable to learn on B rank Spell

B-Rank Mages in the world of Zandu are those who have shown promise in their magic, learning to harness and use it at a way better degree. Starting to be Mages that should not be taken lightly in the form of combat. Mages of this level are capable of learning and casting spells up to B rank, as well as being able to Learn 1 A rank Spell.

A-Rank Mages in the lands of Zandu only reached by few, and those of this ranks power is impressive and are decently known throughout their Kingdom if not the lands of Zandu. Mages of this rank are capable of casing up to A rank spells. They are also capable of learning 3 S rank spells.

S-Rank Mages in the land of Zandu are mighty powerful and considered stars threw at least several of the Zandu Kingdoms. They are generally given a nickname that is related with their great skill. Mages of this level tend to be capable of using more than one magic as they have tended to become quite attuned with their Magic Skills.

Other Ranks
In the land of Zandu certain families have become to be considered royal with each one of the Kingdoms having a reigning Noble family as well as banner families under those families. Those born of the blood of any of these families have noble blood and have the right to acquire a rank of Nobility. Now those not born of nobility also have a possibility of gaining nobility rather it be threw the Zandorian Magic Council or threw a King and or Queen of one of the Zandu Kingdoms

Zandorian Magic Council – Though the lands of Zandu is divided into six kingdoms, only five are completely ran by Noble Families. The sixth Kingdom is ran by the Zandorian Magic Council a council made up of 7 nobles from all over Zandu. The council oversees and makes sure that the lands of Zandu stay at peace as well as police the seven kingdoms under the law of Roku’s Treaty.

King | Queen – Each one of the Kingdoms in the land of Zandu has a ruler over it this ruler has complete control over their kingdom, as long as they don’t break any of the rules governed by the Magic Council and the Treaty of Roku.

Prince | Princess - Noble title given to the Children of the High Ruler of the Kingdom.

Duke | Duchess - This is the title that is usually given to the ruler over an estate [Current head of Family]

Lord | Lady - This is the title of anyone of Noble Birth or given nobility

Earl – This is a title that is capable to be taken by a Noble who has reached the Rank of Knight And has proven himself.

Knight - This is the lowest of Noble titles and the only title that those not of noble families may reach. Upon being granted the title by a High Ruler or the Magic Council.
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Zandu Rank Guide
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